Kathleen Tanner

Kathleen Tanner spoke 8 times across 1 day of testimony.

  1. Kathleen Tanner, Counsel (GC)

    Thank you, Commissioner.


  2. Kathleen Tanner, Counsel (GC)

    Mr. King, my name is Kathleen Tanner and I'm counsel for the Government of Canada. I just have one short area of questions based on some -- a video that had been played earlier for you, and it was a video that I believe had been recorded on February 12th after some information had come through about some pamphlets or some letters that had been passed around to the drivers. And you had made a video recording telling other drivers that it was a lie, that it was fake news, to hold the ground, stand the line. And later on in that video, and if you'd like, we could bring it up, or we could just walk through it. I understand that you referenced the -- the information that's at stake there is a letter which mentions Ms. Lich's name. And later on in that video, you mention that Ms. Lich would never do something like this, and you knew her well, and you had good communications, and so this wasn't going to be something coming from her. So my question is, did you have any meetings with the City of Ottawa while you were in Ottawa?


  3. Kathleen Tanner, Counsel (GC)

    And were you aware of any meetings that Ms. Lich or other representatives of the convoy may have had with anybody from Ottawa?


  4. Kathleen Tanner, Counsel (GC)

    And prior to releasing this video, did you make any attempts to reach out to Ms. Lich to confirm whether or not this letter may or may not be accurate?


  5. Kathleen Tanner, Counsel (GC)

    So I guess my question is, and then earlier when you were speaking to my friend from Commission counsel, you had said you were uncertain about the truthfulness of that document and that's why you had released the video.


  6. Kathleen Tanner, Counsel (GC)

    So I guess that's my question. It's is it a pattern for you to release videos like this without first confirming the ---


  7. Kathleen Tanner, Counsel (GC)

    --- authenticity of the information ---


  8. Kathleen Tanner, Counsel (GC)

    Okay. That's all my questions. Thank you, and thank you, Mr. Commissioner.