Michael Finley

Michael Finley spoke 15 times across 1 day of testimony.

  1. Michael Finley, Counsel (Win)

    Good morning ---


  2. Michael Finley, Counsel (Win)

    --- Mayor Willett. My name's Michael Finley. I represent the City of Windsor, which as I'm sure you're aware, is a fellow border municipality.


  3. Michael Finley, Counsel (Win)

    And we heard today, Mayor Willett, you live just blocks away from the protest site and indeed the border; right?


  4. Michael Finley, Counsel (Win)

    And that border crossing is an important link; true?


  5. Michael Finley, Counsel (Win)

    And I think you described it earlier as a lifeline and something with larger importance than just to the village of Coutts; is that fair?


  6. Michael Finley, Counsel (Win)

    And I guess perhaps I'm stating the obvious, sir, but fair to say that the village of Coutts doesn't have sufficient resources on its own to ensure the security of that border crossing?


  7. Michael Finley, Counsel (Win)

    Or, in fact, to deal with a blockade of the magnitude that you faced earlier this year?


  8. Michael Finley, Counsel (Win)



  9. Michael Finley, Counsel (Win)

    And so a situation like that requires more than a local response; is that fair?


  10. Michael Finley, Counsel (Win)

    Including because you noted earlier, provincial support?


  11. Michael Finley, Counsel (Win)

    And federal support too?


  12. Michael Finley, Counsel (Win)

    And so that being so, would you agree that one might benefit from having a plan or at least a framework in advance to deal with situations like the one you experienced, even if they're not exactly the same, in future?


  13. Michael Finley, Counsel (Win)

    I think you spoke about being caught flatfooted and building an airplane while it's flying. I guess we can agree you're sticking with that metaphor? It's probably better to have the plane assembled in advance before it takes to the air?


  14. Michael Finley, Counsel (Win)

    Right. And I suppose all I'm getting at is it's better in this type of circumstance, I hope you'll agree with me, when you have a multijurisdictional issue to deal with to have some plan in advance to address it?


  15. Michael Finley, Counsel (Win)

    Well, thank you, sir. Those are all my questions.