Natasha Calvinho

Natasha Calvinho spoke 4 times across 1 day of testimony.

  1. Natasha Calvinho, Counsel (Pat King)

    Good afternoon.


  2. Natasha Calvinho, Counsel (Pat King)

    Thank you for having me. I am counsel for Mr. King on his criminal charges. As I’m sure the Commission is aware, my client is still facing a number of criminal charges that are -- there’s a publication ban on and there’s -- trial dates have been set and they’re currently still before the courts. Mr. King is here today, as he was compelled to by virtue of his subpoena, and he has answered to that to that subpoena. He invokes his protections under the Canada Evidence Act and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms vis a vis his evidence. We consider -- we consider his response to questions put to him to be compelled statements -- or compelled answers for any future proceeding. We are here and we understand the parameters of the Commission and there quite tight time constraints on the information needing to come out and witnesses needing to be called. But that having been said, late yesterday we received, less than 24 hours before the hearing, 127 individual items and 2,406 individual pages of material. Mr. King is anxious to respond to his subpoena and offer his evidence. He and I have done our level best to get through the materials. There may become a point in time where he may need some guidance from me or we might need a bit of time to review something because we’ve done the best that we can but we weren’t able to get through all of it and I would ask for the Court’s -- or the Commission’s indulgence if we get to that point, but I hope we don’t. And Mr. King is available to testify. Thank you, sir.


  3. Natasha Calvinho, Counsel (Pat King)

    Thank you very much, Mr. Commissioner.


  4. Natasha Calvinho, Counsel (Pat King)

    Thank you, no. Natasha Calvinho for Mr. King. I don't have any questions, Commissioner.