Pat King

Pat King spoke 236 times across 1 day of testimony.

  1. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I’d like to swear on a Bible, please.


  2. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Full name is Patrick James King, p-a-t-r-i-c-k, j-a-m-e-s, k-i-n-g.


  3. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Thank you.


  4. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    That’s correct, yes.


  5. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Until I was 18.


  6. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I moved out to Alberta where there was work and I’ve been living in Red Deer, Alberta ever since.


  7. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Oh boy, I started out 22 years in oil and gas; I worked my way up from a roughneck all the way up to a driller, to a front-line supervisor, to a full completion’s specialist and then I went back to University and I got my degree in Occupational Health & Safety Environment, a three-year degree from the University of Alberta. From there, I took a position as a Health & Safety Manager – or sorry, Admin. and I would look after upstream oil and gas manufacture. And from -- I was a H2S instructor; I drove truck; I had a Class 1 driver’s licence for oversized loads; I also have a course -- I guess a Certificate, I was a Logistics Coordinator and a dispatcher.


  8. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I’m not allowed to do anything. I’ve had absolutely every right of a Canadian citizen stripped of me. My freedom of speech, my freedom of protest, my freedom -- everything.


  9. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    No. You are absolutely correct.


  10. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Facebook, Instagram, that was it. I would never go on twitter; that’s a troll site; that’s a joke; but Facebook and Instagram.


  11. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Just to like watch it.


  12. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Oh, I had YouTube but around the time that Donald Trump was being elected I hold -- actually hold is a title; only him and myself are the only ones who have ever been banned from using any Google product. So I would never promote YouTube.


  13. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Can you define “large”?


  14. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    It was big.


  15. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    It was international; it was big.


  16. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    That all depends on Facebook’s algorithms of what they really say. On my website and on my Facebook page about half a million people.


  17. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I would do Podcasts and I would do media and I would catch interactions in real time for basically – just show it in real – in reality and not some distorted mainstream media view. I’d show you what it was in the real time.


  18. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Yes, sir.


  19. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Yes, sir.


  20. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    That was a protest over Bill C69 and C48, which is the anti-pipeline and the anti-harbor moratorium of which when we came to Ottawa, we were successful. They reopened all the contracts after. And actually since I’ve been incarcerated as of June 2022, both those bills have been scrapped because they had been deemed unconstitutional and Alberta finally got our pipelines and we’re finally back to work again.


  21. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Red Deer, Alberta, yeah. We left on February 14th and we like to deem it as “The Love of Our Country”. On Valentine’s Day we left to stand up for our rights and exercise our democratic right to a freedom of peaceful assembly, to exercise our democratic right to a freedom to protest and to have our voices heard from the Government.


  22. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I was in the pilot truck, myself and another person by the name of “Angie Reed”; love you Angie. Glen Carritt was involved along with -- he drove OPE -- the firetruck; we brought a firetruck. He was an oil and gas fire suppression unit.


  23. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    When it got to Wellington we had about 170, 178, I believe.


  24. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Involved in what way?


  25. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  26. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    A fellow Canadian exercising his democratic right to protest.


  27. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  28. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    We arrived, I believe it was the 19th of February; we protested the 20th and 21st and then we left that following Monday.


  29. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Yeah. But I’d like to say that we left because the politicians acknowledged why we were there; they came out and said “We hear you; we’re here to support you and we will back you and we will do everything we can to try and get your issues heard.”


  30. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Well, I had already been on social media; I had already been doing my stuff that I always do and I happen to see some people that were talking about the trucking industry and how they were about to be affected. And I know that our truckers here in Canada are the backbone of the economy in Canada. They move the freight, their importance is a very under – basically they’re forgotten; they’re kind of -- yeah, they’re a trucker/trucker, whatever trucker. But I knew the importance that if you stopped the trucking industry within 72 hours you’ll be brother on brother for a loaf of bread. And when they started to hit the truck drivers, and these guys have already been working diligently throughout this nonsense, we’d seen it as a direct attack against the Canadian economy. And not only a direct attack against the Canadian economy, but a direct attack to -- truckers are the guys that want to be left alone; they want to work in their trucks, they want to go do their job independently; leave us alone. We won’t create a stir, we won’t cause a problem, we’ll pay our taxes and -- it felt like they needed a voice.


  31. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  32. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Well, I reached out to a view people and I asked if they’d like to, you know, let’s talk about it.


  33. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I reached out to Chris Barber, Brigitte Belton. I reached to, well, basically them, those two, and I said, “I’d love to how you on my show and I really think what you guys are about to -- what you guys are wanting to do, I can be an asset because I’ve done this before back in 2019 and I can help you out in any way possible.”


  34. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    If that’s the date that you have, yes.


  35. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    That’s correct, yes.


  36. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I’ve got to say there was people involved but I’ve had my social media stripped. I’ve had all my videos gone. I can’t recollect who was all there but that sounds very close to who was there. I think there were some other people that were involved, too. I think Dave Steenburg was one. Well, there was a couple -- I think Joe Janzen was one. There was a few people, yeah.


  37. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Well, we had thrown the idea around. We had said, “Do you guys really want to do this?” And they’re like, “Yeah, we should do this.” And I said, “Okay. Well, I’ll do everything I can to help you. I’ll give you the platform. I’ll give you the voice. I’ll allow -- not allow but I’d like to help you because I see what you’re doing is absolutely prophetic.” Finally, the hard-working, blue-collared people of Canada were going to stand up.”


  38. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  39. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    If that’s what -- you have a number, sure. I never -- I was never concerned about the numbers. I could have two people in the room and it didn’t matter.


  40. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    The reason I did it was, basically, I have gone through my own issues with these mandates and I have my own stance and my own beliefs on these mandates and what they’re doing -- and now I want everybody to remember, a mandate is not a law. And they were pushing this and I finally found people that didn’t want it pushed on them anymore.


  41. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    To go and protest and exercise your democratic right to a freedom of peaceful protest, to a freedom of assembly, to exercise your voice and be heard by politicians of your concerns and your -- basically, your agitation with the way things are being controlled.


  42. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    You bet.


  43. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Yes, there was a discussion. It was basically, like, so organic, like, “How are we going to do this? Who’s going to do what? Who’s going to be doing this? Who going to be doing that?” I basically was a platform for these people to be able to, like, show who they are.


  44. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Oh, yeah.


  45. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Yeah. Yeah. James Bauder bragged about how he had Ottawa around his little finger, that he had all the police and he had all the connections. And I was like, “Is that the same connections of when we did the United We Roll?” And he’s like, “Yes.” I’m like, “Oh, okay.” And so I reached out because I have a rapport with PPS. I’m -- I’ve travelled around Canada protesting and speaking on public platforms and I’ve given my -- like, I’ve basically set a good communication between these officers. So I reached out to these officers and said, “We’re looking at bringing another convoy to Ottawa. Remember me?” And they’re like, “Oh, yeah. Yeah, we remember you, Pat.” I’m like, “It’s good, right?” They’re like, “Oh, yeah, you’re always great when you’re here.”


  46. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Well, we had a few officers, yeah. Yeah, they were on our streams, yes.


  47. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Absolutely, safety is number one, like your rules of the road and all that. And they knew who I was. They knew how we had organized the 2019 Convoy. And they knew how absolutely law-abiding and professional that we were.


  48. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Yes, sir.


  49. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I wasn’t driving. I had somebody who was driving our motorhome and I sat passenger in the motorhome.


  50. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I joined up with the main convoy in Calgary.


  51. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    No, I do not.


  52. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Yes. I’m not the one there. They’re discussing their concerns.


  53. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    No. A conversation came up of, “Hey, there’s a Tweet out there.” I said, “Don’t worry about it.”


  54. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I’d like to give a little bit of an explanation there. The explanation is I have been absolutely harassed. I’ve been absolutely defamed, character assassination by a certain group. And they edit videos and they cut and splice, and they take 10 seconds here and they blow it out of proportion, and I’ve been dealing with this for years.


  55. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Oh, absolutely. I can’t wait.


  56. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I’ve been waiting for years to tell you guys how you got -- how these videos are.


  57. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  58. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I was one of the lead vehicles from Calgary all the way to Kenora. When we got to Kenora, I was in the front, and when I got to Thunder Bay, I sat for two hours directing everybody into their parking spots, and I told everybody that I was leaving for Harris Bay to have a fuel stop and meals and basically, a rest stop for everybody, and that’s where I was going.


  59. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  60. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    No. What was happening is, we were at a rest stop. I said, "Oh, my God, this has gotten big." I said, "I'm getting death threats and I might need security when I'm in Ottawa." And I said, "This has got way bigger." And I may have said this part, this little part here where about the organizing thing, but then I checked myself right away and I realized Tamara said, "Whoa, it's not all about you." And I'm like, "You're right. You're absolutely right."


  61. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    But that comment at the bottom, "check your fucking ego", that never happened.


  62. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  63. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  64. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I do, yes.


  65. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I endorsed everybody.


  66. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Endorse by -- what do you mean by endorsed? Can you explain?


  67. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Absolutely, yeah.


  68. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    They were just a group that we had asked for people to -- in the Ottawa area, that community who wanted to help Adopt a Trucker was -- you would take a trucker and basically billet, like, billeting. So if you remember hockey, when you'd go to tournaments, you would stay with a billet, so people are offering up their homes for truckers to come have showers. There was food and whatever they needed in necessities, Chris and their group were going to look after the -- I don't know how you say it -- the care and wellbeing of truckers who didn’t have a place to stay, like, didn’t have money for hotels or -- we were trying to reduce costs for lodgings.


  69. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    It happens a lot. A lot of people like to, you know, use my platform, and I'm okay with it and I do it on -- I absolutely invite it. A lot of people use my name or my platform to gain attention for their cause, and I'm absolutely 100 percent agreeable to that. I think everybody has a right to have their say and get their point across, and I never hold a bias. So I make sure that everybody use it, take it, take my platform. Do what you can.


  70. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I was a road captain for, I believe, the northern part of Alberta, so I took on the responsibility for those people that were part of our initial jump from Red Deer to Calgary and then onwards to Ottawa.


  71. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Oh, boy. When we left Red Deer, there was about 50 of us, but once I found out further on, we tried to get people to sign the documents and everything in Calgary and it turned out to be about 148, if I'm not mistaken, that I was in -- I was responsible for, I guess responsible, but taking care of their paperwork.


  72. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Yes, sir.


  73. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    No, no. We arrived in Arnprior.


  74. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    And from there -- I'll never forget it -- it was the most greatest, most elating moment of my life where I can pass them off to Andrew and say, "They're your problem now."


  75. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I got to Ottawa that night, once everybody got to Arnprior. I left and I said, "I'm done. I'm going into town. I want to get my hotel room," and I went to my hotel.


  76. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    One of the ones downtown. Holiday Inn on I believe Albert. I'm not sure.


  77. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I never had a vehicle.


  78. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I -- we dropped the motorhome off at a secure location and we had people give us a ride into the hotel.


  79. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  80. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Yeah, I heard that that was the plan.


  81. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Just from other road captains and people that were -- I don't know, people who thought they had a role in this and were a voice and could make calls, I guess, if you say, like, make calls, like, if they were told something and passed it on to the block captains and then the block captains would pass it on to the drivers and ---


  82. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Sure, whatever you want. I was here to help in any way I -- they needed me.


  83. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I don’t have YouTube.


  84. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I wouldn't have put it on YouTube. I don’t have YouTube.


  85. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Other people can post things on YouTube. (VIDEO PLAYBACK)


  86. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I remember that there was a lot of stuff going on at that moment. We were -- you said this was February 12th?


  87. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I believe that this was also at the same time that the community had organized their own counter protest. Actually Ms. Catherine McKenney, the council member of Ottawa, encouraged people to come out and counter- protest, and they were leaving leaflets and things on trucks. So we couldn’t determine whether or not these were true documents or not. So I put out this post -- because it wasn’t confirmed and there was no letterhead, there was no signature, there was no notoriety of who it came from. So I would assume that if the City Council or Ottawa was going to make this leaflet and pass it out, somebody would have put their name on it to give it some clout, to give it some importance. Later on we found out that the – we were asked to move and then we said, okay.


  88. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Thank you. Mr. Clerk, can you put up HRF00001285. Now, I understand this was the leaflet that was passed around. You’ll see it’s dated February 12th from Tamara Lich; it speaks to Freedom Manifest and has the Freedom Convoy symbol on it. Can you scroll, please, and you’ll see there the last two paragraphs it talks about re-positioning the trucks and the plan to start repositioning on Monday to consolidate the process. Now, is that the document you saw?


  89. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I never saw this, no.


  90. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    It was a leaflet from the Mayor or something like that. I might be confused on this. I’ve never seen this.


  91. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  92. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    We went for a ride, yeah.


  93. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    An hour, two hours.


  94. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    We were abiding by the law, by the rules of the road; we did the speed limit; we did not impede emergency traffic; we just went for cruises.


  95. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    We were bored.


  96. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    We were bored.


  97. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Well, we went for a ride to see what Ottawa was like.


  98. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Well, to see what the airport was and just go for a drive. We were bored and it was cold.


  99. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I talked to Tom many a times.


  100. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    No, not that I know of.


  101. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I don’t know; all of them.


  102. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    All the trucks that were there; I don’t know.


  103. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    They were all passenger vehicles; they were all cars.


  104. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    There was never a commercial vehicle with us.


  105. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I don’t know, 30, 40 maybe.


  106. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    No, I do not. When you’re going to the airport there’s two lanes; when you’re going to arrivals and departures, there’s two lanes. We used one lane; we were in the one lane and there was always a lane open. So anybody who wanted to go in, they could use the other lane.


  107. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I never saw it, but I heard about it; I knew about it.


  108. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Well, the reason is -- and I’m going to say it straight up, and I’m going to have to give a little bit of a brief background to that. I’ve been chasing the Government and exposing a lot of stuff of the overreach, the financial and economic hardships that have been happening. I have in my possession the document of the non-disclosure agreement between a young juvenile and a certain specific member of parliament. And when doing so, exposing also the $42 billion infrastructure project that was stolen out of Alberta’s hands and handed over to the Chinese Government. And the implementation of Chinese soldiers on Canadian soil. I have been absolutely harassed and degraded and defamed and discredited and character assassinated and these guys were getting attacked because of me. So when they put this out, I get it; they had to push me out and look at everybody and, you know, we don’t want to anything to do with Pat King. I absolutely encouraged it, 100 percent. Put it out there that I don’t have anything to do with this. Put it out there. GoFundMe wouldn’t release their funds -- GoFundMe directly contacted them and said we’re not going to release your funds if Patrick King’s involved. This is how much target, like how much they’re out to make sure that everything that touch, is ruined.


  109. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Not at all.


  110. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Not at all. Well, maybe. You know, I’m kind of a hothead. I kind of talk too much sometimes and that’s -- I get that honestly by my mum. She’s got the gift of the gab.


  111. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Oh, yeah.


  112. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    How? I didn’t have a vehicle there. I didn’t have a truck. What horn can I honk?


  113. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Do what you want to do.


  114. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    People are free to do what they wanted to do.


  115. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    When I look at now and I’m -- like, no, it wasn’t funny. But if you know my persona and my character and the way I show myself, I laugh all the time. Life’s a joke, laugh it off; it’s kind of one of my biggest mottos. And I tend to laugh when I’m nervous. But at that point, it was kind of -- it was funny. You see, we’d been locked down for two years and people are complaining that they heard horns for 10 days. Did they remember what we went through for the last two years? What’s a little bit of horns for 10 days?


  116. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  117. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Say that again.


  118. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Do you have a video that I can reference?


  119. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  120. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I hate politics. I hate government so why would I want to be the new government?


  121. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Oh, I’m ready for this one.


  122. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Anti-Hate Canada and edited by a $45M contract that Trudeau and his liberal government paid for to do this. It has been played over and over and over.


  123. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  124. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I know this video like there’s no tomorrow. It’s edited and spliced and fit to make the media, their narrative -- to show it in a negative context. So when you hear that, I had just got kicked out of the airport. I got denied my flight because I wasn’t vaccinated after being told that I had been allowed to fly; I had a 72-hour window. And there’s a video before this. Like, this is so ridiculous, take 10-second clips and characterize somebody by it. But I’m waiting to defend myself on this one. And what I stated in this -- and I never say, “You’re going to get shot.” I never said that. I said, “You’re going to catch a bullet,” because, as we know, mental health is a big thing in Canada. It’s kind of lime-lighted. You have mental heath issues. One day somebody’s going to have a breakdown and if you push people too far, especially denying them their flight, you never know who you’re going to get, and that person might have a mental breakdown. And what they’re doing with their restrictions and these mandates, which are not laws, they’re going to get that wrong person. And I said that because you’re lucky it was me that day because I would never acted on that but if it had been somebody else -- and there’s a lot of people are upset, lost a lot, and don’t give a crap, and they’re going to have a mental breakdown.


  125. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  126. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I want to say -- I’d just like to, like, give you a little bit of brief description to this. You ever get in an argument with your parents and you get mad and you say things you don’t wish you said, like, you regret saying that? That’s one of my moments. Yeah, it was inappropriate. Yeah, I should never had said it, but it was.


  127. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    No, you’re. Okay, so this one: "Someone’s going to make you catch a bullet one day." That’s one video. What you’ve done is you’ve put another video in there and said this part. And this part needs some major clarity ---


  128. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    --- because it’s been edited and fit to make the narrative out like I’m some kind of looney and radical. But what it was is ---


  129. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  130. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    All right.


  131. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    No. No, I -- can we go down so I can reference each sentence in this because I’ve dying to get this out.


  132. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Can we go down so I can defend each ---


  133. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    --- line?


  134. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    You have four, if not five, videos that you’ve transcribed, one from over four years ago that’s part of this. And they’re taken out of context ---


  135. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    --- so I need to defend myself on that.


  136. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Those are statements that were said in a long line of online presence -- online podcasts that go along with the evidence -- or go along with the topic that I was discussing.


  137. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    All right. Can we scroll down, please? Thank you. No, sorry, up. I apologize. A little bit more, please, right to the very beginning, number one. All right, so we say: " Trudeau, someone’s going to 3 make you catch a bullet one day." That’s the airport incident. That’s where I was mad. I was denied my flight after being told I can fly. And I got stuck in Toronto Pearson International Airport of which I actually regret saying that. I was mad. The next one, the only way that I'm going to say it out loud -- “The only way that this is going to be solved is with bullets” -- that is taken directly out of context, 100 percent.


  138. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    The context was if you are Canadian and you want to exercise your political right to stand up and be freedom of protest and peaceful assembly, would you take it? Or are you going to allow it to become bullets? Because if we keep going on the way we’re going to be going on, that’s the possible end game. It’s a prediction.


  139. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    If not, yeah. Things are wrong in this country, massively wrong.


  140. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    And this is me just interpreting what I'm seeing from an outside person saying this is what’s going to happen if you do not make these t=governments be held accountable for what they’re doing.


  141. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Then we go down. You might want to change your name to Ishmael, drop a bunch of change down the stairs -- it’s actually change, not chains. And I said that because there was a CSIS document put out -- I believe it was in 2019 -- about the foreign economy, the foreign influence in our Canadian economy of a foreign government purchasing all our resources. And the CSIS guys were telling you, “Hey, something’s wrong. Do you guys know that we’re being bought out? Do you know that we’re being infiltrated? Our economy’s being destroyed. And the comment was because it was China, Chinese influence.


  142. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    The next paragraph was -- I had to say this in my Court. They used this in my bail hearing. The Indian culture and everything, the Natives culture is a disgrace. Never once was it said., It was said -- what I said prior to that is what the Canadian government has done to the First Nations people is an absolute disgrace in the way they’re treated and the way they’re ridiculed and not given the appropriate means to even have water. It’s a disgrace.


  143. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    The next paragraph of the depopulation? Oh, this is a good one. So there was a time the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was his name, walked into a meeting at the United Nations with a bunch of binders and he dropped them down on the podium. And he started bringing out everything who was involve din 9-1-1. And people started scattering out. And his words were, “We’re not going to kill you with bullets. We’re not going to blow you up with bombs. We’re going to breed you out. We’re going to get rid of the Anglo Saxon race because you think you're the proudest bloodline. And we are going to breed you out. We’re going to flood your borders with immigrants. We’re going to infiltrate your education, infiltrate your politics.” You don’t understand. Like, the things that were going on around the world, and seeing these, I bring them up. I show the video and that’s what it is.


  144. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Very well edited. Congrats.


  145. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Thank you.


  146. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    You guys are the guys that got my bank account. That’s still frozen, after nine months.


  147. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    You took my kids’ college tuition. I hope you're proud.


  148. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    You're very familiar with my bank account.


  149. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I hope you're proud.


  150. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    All of them.


  151. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  152. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    For myself.


  153. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    If people wanted to donate they could.


  154. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  155. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I have no idea.


  156. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I have no idea. You got my bank accounts frozen.


  157. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Wow. So give me it back so I can live.


  158. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I’m sorry, sir.


  159. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  160. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I apologize.


  161. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I apologize. I did take that wrong. I apologize.


  162. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    One hundred (100) percent, yeah.


  163. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  164. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    One hundred (100) percent.


  165. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    And with Mr. Trudeau’s involvement and the Freedom of Information where he sent 2000 anti-protesters to come and slash our tires.


  166. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  167. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    To exercise my democratic right to freedom of peaceful protest and freedom of assembly. Because I'm Canadian and I have that democratic right.


  168. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Yeah, for like four or five days, yeah.


  169. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    In Gatineau.


  170. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Not at all.


  171. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Because your community decided to pull the pin on lodgings and hotels for people and we were told they were no longer going to allow us to rent a room because the community had basically told the hotels, “If you support these guys and give them a room, you're going to be in a lot of trouble.” And that’s from the manager of the Holiday Inn who told me that. “So I’m sorry, Mr. King, we can’t give you another room.” I said, “That’s fine. I get it. No problem. It sucks to be you guys because you're making a killing. And the money that you guys are generating from all of us being here, it’s probably the best for you guys to recoup those funds after two years of being shut down."


  172. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I didn’t need a hotel.


  173. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  174. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  175. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  176. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    That’s -- are you speculating that, or ---


  177. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  178. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    It didn’t sound like a question, that’s all.


  179. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  180. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Yeah, me. Yeah, I paid for it. Sorry.


  181. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  182. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    When I got money donated, I gave it away.


  183. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    What do you mean, like, funds?


  184. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Anybody who needed help or anybody who needed money, I was open.


  185. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    You needed money, come talk to me, I would help you.


  186. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Well, I barely saw Tamara and Chris.


  187. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Maybe text messages, yeah.


  188. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I never saw them.


  189. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    They were busy, man. These guys were like, wow. What they had going on over there, they could have it.


  190. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    They asked me to see what I could do, and I said, "Yeah, I'll do what I can." And that’s when I put the posts out, and I believe they had been threatened with some injunction or something. I still wasn’t very familiar at the time, but they said, "Do what you can to get the guys to stop," and I did. I put out a post. I said, "Stop honking horns," and actually, as part of my evidence package, that there's two videos. One of the videos actually has me on the street on that evening on Wellington stating, "Listen, you wouldn't know -- you have no idea where I'm at," and it was the most quietest, most eerie place because there was no more horns any more.


  191. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  192. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  193. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Every day.


  194. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I wouldn't say popular. That’s where I went and ate breakfast.


  195. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    From grateful patriots and Canadian citizens that were donating it.


  196. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Joe Smith, number one. I have no idea.


  197. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I don’t remember names. I meet people all day long, constantly. I don’t remember names. If you have a specific person in particular that you want to give me his name and I'll let you know if I know if I know him or if I conversed with them? Like, are you talking the guys that got arrested after they were told they weren’t going to be arrested that were running fuel?


  198. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  199. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  200. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Well, look what you did. You told them, "We're not going to arrest --" not you, sorry, they were told they weren’t going to get arrested, and then they left and they got pulled over down the road and got arrested or got charged, got a fine for whatever. And I remember that night because the OPS came in and like, tried to flex or whatever, and these guys didn’t know what was going on. They asked me to come down and I said, "I'm not coming down there. Not a chance. " But I went down the next morning to make sure that calm, cool heads had prevailed. And on that morning, that’s when the RCMP Special Response Task Force, well, they were staying at the Marriot and they came down. One of the officers came down to me, said, "Pat, you're not hot mic'd or anything?" And I said, "No, I don’t got nothing on." And "Why? Who are you?" And he introduced himself and he said, "I just want you to know about last night. That wasn’t our call. And I want you to know that the RCMP, we met with legal and lawyers and that we are not going to do this to you guys because they can't give us the justification of why we should be evicting you or arresting people. So I'm sorry for what happened last night." And I said, "Well, what do you mean by that?" He's like, "Well, we fought with lawyers to give us justification of why we should be arresting these people. They couldn't give us a clear answer, so we're leaving." I said, "You're leaving?" He says, "Yeah. We're going to Windsor." And they went to Windsor to break down whatever was happening at the border.


  201. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  202. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    The police officer was leaving.


  203. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    So they were going, they were leaving Ottawa ---


  204. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    --- because the lawyers couldn't give them a justification of arresting people ---


  205. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    --- and they said, "We're not going to break the law." So they, whoever is in charge of them sent them to Windsor.


  206. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Not at all, no.


  207. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I went and made sure everybody was calm and cool and everybody was understanding, like, these guys got a job to do. Understand that was rude, that was ignorant, and just be more cautious when you're dealing with the police.


  208. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    No, there was millions of people.


  209. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Hundreds of thousands. Let's not undersell it. There was a lot of people here.


  210. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Dangerous in what way?


  211. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Not at all.


  212. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I met the most loving, most caring, most loving people, Canadian citizens. Everywhere you went, you were getting hugs, you were getting handshakes, and -- -


  213. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    --- nobody was violent.


  214. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Because the Liberal left trolls were threatening my life.


  215. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    For me.


  216. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Actually, I was the most highly protected person in Ottawa because we had -- I think they had delegated eight police officers to follow me around everywhere.


  217. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Do you have a record of that? Do you have a ---


  218. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  219. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    It was a dangerous place for us. People were dropping marbles from high rises. They were throwing eggs. Citizens of Ottawa were threating to run us over.


  220. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    That was months before the convoy.


  221. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    That was months before the convoy.


  222. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I've never seen anything more loving and peaceful in my life. It was Woodstock.


  223. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I don't know. I can't speak on those. Do you know my lawyer has been given death threats and bomb scares because she represents me? Do you know that my friends have been -- their children have been threatened because of -- from Ottawa? Do you know that -- and I hate to say this - - but this town is full of a bunch of people who really don’t like people who speak out.


  224. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I've been here for them.


  225. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Can I just ask ---


  226. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Can I say one -- sorry.


  227. Pat King (Convoy participants)



  228. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    No, I did not.


  229. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    No. I tended to stay away from it.


  230. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    I may or may have, and I believe that we were all kind of confused. We didn't know if it was legitimate. So there was the initial, oh, like, this is not a true statement to -- they vetted it -- the document, and then we rechanged our statement and said, okay.


  231. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Right, because I would assume that if these people are going to put these letters out and that they're coming from a delegated person that has, like, a high position, there would be a name or a signature or an emblem representing who it's from. And from my knowledge, it -- we didn't know where it came from.


  232. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Yeah ---


  233. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    --- yeah, I had a habit of that. I would act without knowledge, but there is an absolute disconnect between myself and their rooms that they had. And I acted alone.


  234. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Can I ask for one thing? There is some evidence that I have given to the Commission that needs to be brought out, that I would appreciate it that it got to the public and they got to see it.


  235. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Absolutely. And I want to show the Canadian citizens and the like that they need to be shown and how caring and compassionate towards the City of Ottawa we actually were and how we -- these videos will -- like I said, what I’ve been shown as racist and all this stuff, and taken out of context, nobody ever showed the positives. And that was the police officers who were right with us, saying thank you. There was residents that were saying thank you. The community in a whole, the community of Ottawa that came together and respected us and understood that, we hear you. I have nothing against the City of Ottawa. That’s not who we were here to talk to. I understand that people were -- I guess felt that we were here targeting them; that wasn’t the case. And to Ottawans, to people who live here, to the City Council members, to the police and all that, we weren’t bad people, sir. We were Canadian citizens who –- we have shown the Canadian pride and we are nice and we are good people; we’re good people.


  236. Pat King (Convoy participants)

    Thank you very much.